Fantastic Creature Society

ambient; three plexiglass sculpures arond 200 x 50 x 2 cm, MDF, LED lights, plastic grass, plastic plants; variable dimensions, sculptures 200x 50 x 2 cm, square footage of grass around 12 m, 2017
The piece Fantastic Creature Society addresses the human being and the society it has created. It began as a research of human behaviour just to ensue a consolidated reflection of a being. Sculptures, in the form of a half human, half animal creatures are made from plexiglass that disperses light. That kind of representation dematerialises figures which in result appear as ghosts. The idea behind the work is returning to the nature, to the pristine, and the study of an individual, as well as his place in the universe. The idea of returning to the nature and the plastic used in the work are contradictory but the idea was not to critique the modern age and the novelty that it brings but the pristine feeling of community which, in this case, is the whole word with its flora and fauna. Nowadays in the time of media and digitalization the immediate contact between man and nature is getting lost and it effects the human spirit. The deer is talking, the cow is critically listening and the dog is interested and contemplates what the deer is saying. Every being is an individual, luminous creature with its material and spiritual nature, but they live and function together, like parts of an even bigger organism of witch they are crucial components.