How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the System

installation; Displays and nets; construction net, MDF, LED lights, foil; variable dimensions (Dysplays 150 x 50 x 30 cm); 2018

A myriad structures that tangle and weave create regular formes which resemble social structures in which every line is a law, directive, number or a person. Fragile nets that fill the space seem immaterial on one hand, but on the other they consume space and stand there as obstacles to the shiny objects which seem as displays, the images of today that people became so used to and which attract our eyes so much. While I was linking visual structures, my thoughts were burdened primarily with the images of social structures. These man-made structures have become entities in their own right, like Hobbes’ Leviathan; abstract organizations in whom people place so much trust that it’s impossible to imagine life without them, and at whose feet we grovel, working to sustain them while knowing full well that oftentimes they are not in service of the individual. One could say that the age of modern technology brings with it a certain socio-humanistic crisis, but it could just as well be simply one more in a series of changes that have been coming and going forever. Although living in such chaotic spaces can often be a burden, I am aware that I could no more survive in the wilderness than Dersu Uzala could live in the city.